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The Terrace, a ground floor flat with one bedroom, was in dire need of modernization. The property had been severely neglected and required a complete renovation. Please take a moment to scroll down and witness the remarkable transformation through the before and after pictures.

To enhance the functionality and appeal of the space, we made significant changes to the layout. By incorporating an open plan living area and adding an additional bedroom, we successfully revitalized the property. Feel free to peruse the before and after floor plans to truly appreciate the extent of our efforts.

The plan was to be utilized as a holiday let, we took charge of every aspect of the design process, from the layout to the selection of furniture, in order to create a contemporary and inviting home. Our meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful choices resulted in a stunning final product.

Upon completion, this property was swiftly sold, ready for immediate occupancy. Its sale price exceeded that of the neighboring property, which had also undergone a full renovation, by an impressive 34%. This remarkable achievement can be attributed to the strategic layout changes and the impeccable quality of the finishes.

We invite you to explore the remarkable transformation of The Terrace and the remarkable results of our expertise and dedication.






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