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The Kerb appeal

Looking to sell your home or took on a project to renovate? Why is design so important?

Images are the selling point to getting people to visit your property but good design and quality will help you sell quickly and at a high price.

Me and my husband recently renovated and sold a flat in Hexham Northumberland. We changed the layout and striped it back to the bones and refitted with high quality fittings.

All our hard work paid off as making changes to layout and finishing to a high standard meant we got 30% more than the neighboring property which had also been renovated and for sale at the same time.

This sold within the first week of being on the market while the neighboring property took over 6 months.

Seeking advice before starting a project on where to spend and where to save can be so beneficial to the over all result.

For more information on this project look at Prior Terrace on our projects page where we show before and after pictures and layouts.

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